MARCH 9TH, 2015

Norwegian: Almost all domestic flights in Scandinavia are cancelled on Tuesday

Norwegian regrets to inform that nearly 20,000 passengers will be affected by the pilot strike in Norwegian Air Norway (NAN) on Tuesday. Almost all domestic flights in Norway and Sweden will be cancelled due to the strike, while a few domestic routes in Denmark will be operated. Most flights between the Scandinavian capitals will also be cancelled. Most other routes in Europe should operate as normal, while direct long-haul flights to the US and Thailand will not be affected by the pilot strike.

Passengers who have registered their mobile phone numbers on their Norwegian profiles, and who are affected by the strike, will be notified via SMS from Norwegian. We urge all passengers to keep themselves updated via Norwegian’s website and check the Flight Status for information on specific routes.

Customers affected by cancellations may call our customer service on +47 21 49 21 49.

We apologize to those passengers who are affected by the strike. We will do our utmost to take care of all the affected passengers in the best possible way.

We wish to advise that the following flights should operate according to schedule tomorrow, Tuesday:

Flights to/from the UK with flight numbers DY2400 to DY2900
Flights to/from Spain with flight numbers DY5100 to DY5598
Flights to/from Finland with flight numbers DY5599 to 5999
Flights to/from USA and Thailand with flight numbers DY7001 to DY7999