JULY 1ST, 2015

BAR UK: Airlines supportive of Airports Commission Report

01 July 2015 – Today’s long awaited final report from Sir Howard Davies and his Airports Commission team, recommending expansion at London Heathrow, has received widespread support from international airlines serving the UK.

Dale Keller, chief executive of BAR UK said “The Government now needs to evaluate the independent findings of the Airports Commission and to expediently act upon their recommendations. Now is the time for everyone, including politicians of all parties, to pull together in the national interest and support the bold plans to expand and improve airport infrastructure at Heathrow in order to maintain the UK’s position as Europe’s most important aviation hub

“Since the major cost of funding the expansion will ultimately be borne by passengers, it is essential that the final scheme is viable and cost-effective for future generations and does not burden today’s passengers with excessive airport charges.”

BAR UK airlines will work closely with Government to achieve the best possible solution for the UK’s future air passenger and cargo needs.