AUGUST 12TH, 2015

Luxair will operate four daily flights to Munich and stop flying to Frankfurt

Luxair Luxembourg Airlines will operate four daily flights to Munich, against three today, and will no longer serve the Frankfurt destination as of this winter.

These changes in Luxair’s program are the result of the recent decision by Lufthansa to rescind its trade agreements with Luxair on these two routes. Luxair has chosen to continue to serve Munich and to abandon the Frankfurt route, which is used primarily to carry passengers to and from other destinations.

The Munich destination perfectly fits into Luxair Luxembourg Airlines’ mission of linking Luxembourg and the Greater Region to the major European cities. It has recorded an annual growth of 15% over the last years. Thanks to its assets, among them the quality of its service, its flexible pricing and its favourable schedules, Luxair feels in a position to meet the public’s expectations on this route and to win its favours.

Thanks to its increased capacity resulting from the renewal of its fleet, Luxair will also increase, as of the 2016 summer season, its capacity on its routes to the Scandinavian capitals Stockholm and Copenhagen.

The collaboration between Lufthansa and Luxair in other areas is not affected as of now. This applies in particular to other flights operated in code-share and to the Miles & More program, which remains in place on Luxair Luxembourg Airlines flights.