AWAS delivers first of four planned new A320 passenger aircraft to long-time customer VivaAerobus

AWAS, announced today that it has delivered the first of four planned new A320 passenger aircraft to its customer, VivaAerobus, purchasing the aircraft the airline had previously ordered from the manufacturer and then placing it with them on a long term lease.

Juan Carlos Zuazua, CEO of VivaAerobus stated, “AWAS has been a supporter of ours since we launched nine years ago. The delivery of the first new A320 from our PLB deal agreed earlier this year is the next important step to define the future of our business with new state of the art A320 aircraft which constitutes the backbone of our fleet. These aircraft will help us further reduce our costs so that we can continue to offer lower fares, improve our reliability, punctuality and the overall passenger experience.”

Marlin Dailey, Chief Commercial Officer AWAS commented, “VivaAerobus is a great example of how AWAS believes in the value of establishing and growing customer relationships. We look to identify and forge relationships with airlines like VivaAerobus early-on, and then as they succeed and grow into their next phase, we are there with additional solutions to assist them.”

VivaAerobus operates intra-Mexico and international flights providing market leading low fares, quality and international standards.