APRIL 13TH, 2016

Amedeo Air Four Plus Limited Acquisition Of Asset

As anticipated in the Company’s Prospectus dated 3 December 2015 (the “Prospectus”) Amedeo Air Four Plus Limited (the “Company”), via its wholly-owned subsidiary AA4P Zeta Limited (“AA4PZ”), on 13 April 2016 purchased directly from Airbus one A380 aircraft bearing manufacturer’s serial number 208 (the “Aircraft”) at a net cost to the Company of US$275 million. In accordance with the Investment Process outlined in the Prospectus, the Aircraft is the Sixth Asset to be acquired by the Company.

Following acquisition of the Aircraft, AA4PZ entered into Aircraft Operating Lease arrangements with Emirates airline (“Emirates”) pursuant to which the Aircraft has been leased to Emirates for a term of 12 years, with fixed lease rentals for the duration. Following this purchase, the Company therefore now owns six A380s which have all been leased to Emirates.