MAY 19TH, 2016

Amedeo Air Four Plus Limited: Potential Equity Raise To Fund Further Aircraft Acquisitions

Following the acquisition of the Company’s initial six A380 aircraft , and in line with its investment policy, the Company continues to seek further investments in widebody aircraft, which will be leased to one or more major airlines.

The Board currently anticipates that it will consider, with the advice of Amedeo and Nimrod Capital, a further equity capital raise in order to fund the acquisition of aircraft for deliveries anticipated within the next twelve months. This would increase the overall market capitalisation of the Company, and will hopefully aid yet further liquidity in the trading of the Company’s shares. In particular, the Board is considering a proposal to acquire two Boeing 777-300ER aircraft for lease to Emirates Airlines, which the Directors believe has the potential to enhance prospective capital returns whilst maintaining the Company’s current target quarterly dividend.