MARCH 23RD, 2017

Acumen Aviation launches EMPower

Dublin, March 23rd 2017 – Acumen Aviation, a leading Aircraft Asset Management Services Company, announces the launch of EMPower, an Engine Management Software solution.

It will be available to download from the App store for iOS mobile and from Google play store for Android.

The key benefits of EMPower are:

Enables a user to obtain a predicted life on wing and appropriate Maintenance Reserve (MR) rate for commercial aircraft engines operating in any region of the world at any flight length.
Enables the user to predict the dates of engine removals and any surplus or deficit in available maintenance reserves.
Enables the user to check on the current status of any engine in their fleet and the next shop visit date, cost and LLP replacements based on current operation.
EMPower will compliment Acumen’s Engine Management capabilities and is another step towards value addition for our customers.