APRIL 24TH, 2015
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Magnetic MRO gained Part M Subpart G certificate

Magnetic MRO, a Total Technical Care MRO organization based in Tallinn, Estonia, completed acquisition of Part M Subpart G certificate, which initially covers Airbus 320 family and Boeing 737 family aircraft. The granted certificate expands Magnetic MRO Engineering offering into a full range of CAMO services for airlines and asset owners, which include:

• Continuing Airworthiness Management
• Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARCs) issue and renewal
• Aircraft maintenance program development
• Technical records management and scanning
• Airworthiness Directive (AD) and Service Bulletin (SB) reviews
• Aircraft damage assessment and mapping
• Reliability monitoring
• Production of maintenance work packages
• Maintenance provider audits

Magnetic MRO Engineering has provided sub-contracted CAMO services for more than 10 years to date for a number of airlines in the region.

With the addition of the Part M certificate, Magnetic MRO Engineering will be able to assist airline start-ups, mid-range operators, and be a cost-effective solution for aircraft owners and leasing companies. New and existing service are driven by a state-of-the art Maintenance Information System to manage main statuses and records with 24/7 online access from any location worldwide.

Magnetic MRO is an EASA certified Total Technical Care Organization headquartered in Tallinn. We have more than 15 years of MRO experience along with 16,600 square meters of hangars today. Our company is specialized in a wide range of services varying from consulting and management to line and base maintenance along with engineering services.