JULY 28TH, 2015

Volga-Dnepr Technics MSK Limited Is Granted CAMO Approval By BDCA

Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation (BDCA) has audited and confirmed the scope of Moscow-based Volga-Dnepr Technics MSK Limited (VDTM), and extended the company’s existing certificate AMO BDA 297 as a continued airworthiness management organization under OTAR Part 39 Option 2 Subpart E (CAMO Approval).

The new certificate BDA/CAMO/159 approves VDTM’s competence in the following areas for B737 Classic, B747-400 (CF6-80) and B747-8 (GEnx) aircraft:

- Maintenance program development;

- Reliability program keeping;

- Engine performance trend monitoring and analysis;

- Maintenance program performance assessment and revision;

- AD and SB status tracking and analysis;

- Maintenance process data development;

- Operating time record-keeping and planning;

- Hard time components and life limited parts listing and status monitoring;

- Aircraft repair and modification chart and associated data development.

Three VDTM employees were also granted personal rights to assess airworthiness of Bermuda-registered aircraft.

“This recent approval is fully consistent with our development strategy in the Russian MRO market. We appreciate the recognition by aviation authorities of our compliance with globally accepted standards of airworthiness assurance and engineering services. We are determined to ensure high quality of services, which will enable us to secure long-term relations with existing and prospective customers and persistently grow within the MRO industry,” said Evgeny Kochetov, General Director of VDTM.