APRIL 5TH, 2016

IBA opens Dublin Office

April 2016, DUBLIN: Aviation finance is a great success story for the Irish economy and leading aviation consultancy IBA (International Bureau of Aviation) has chosen Dublin to open its latest office as part of an expansion programme to provide its expert consulting and analysis in strategic locations worldwide.

Today, Phil Seymour, CEO of IBA, comments on the organisation’s decision to locate a team in Dublin: “Given both the sizeable percentage of our current clients who are based in Dublin, and the continuing arrival of international investors and lessors, Dublin expansion was a straightforward commercial decision. Nowadays, according to the Irish Aviation Research Institute, Ireland based aircraft leasing companies manage $150 billion in assets which accounts for 19% of the global fleet, around 19,000 aircraft. So it is essential for IBA to position our services at the heart of this vibrant community.”

Key factors in Ireland’s aviation success story are the favourable corporate tax regime, highly skilled local workforce, the broad tax treaty network and a sophisticated legal system. Nine of the world’s ten largest aircraft leasing companies are located in Dublin and it is widely recognised as a world leading centre for the aviation finance industry.

IBA has supported and advised local finance and leasing providers for decades, delivering analysis, insight and experience across the entire aviation spectrum. This collective of aviation experience affords the organisation a unique perspective on the market.

Seymour views this move by IBA as an important stepping stone in its growth strategy and is enthusiastic about the welcome his team is enjoying: “Opening an IBA office in Dublin has been on our agenda for several years and I’m delighted to establish our footprint in the city.”

“Valuations and appraisals are evolving as operating lessors increasingly look beyond value of the aircraft and focus on further influencers of total lease value. These might include the calculation of maintenance reserves as part of fly-forward analysis, and additional analysis of economic factors.”

“Consequently, IBA is also assessing the market for an enhanced future valuation model, which is critical in determining the overall finances of a lease transaction.”

Alongside the evolving appraisals market, IBA has also observed an increased need for regulatory advice and transition management and will look to support the needs of clients across both aircraft and engines through its breadth of experts.