JUNE 21ST, 2016

Aviation Finance Company reaches $6.5 billion of financing with eight sale-leaseback for Emirates

Aviation Finance Company (AFC), a Stellwagen Group company headquartered in Dublin, has now completed over $6.5 billion of financing with the sale and leaseback of its eighth A380-800 to Emirates. This will be the second A380 that will be owned by Stellwagen.

Since its foundation three years ago, AFC has financed the delivery of aircraft for both airlines and leasing companies. Seraph Aviation Management, a Stellwagen Group company, will provide lease management services for the term of the lease.

“AFC completed its first transaction in the aviation industry precisely three years ago this month,” says Marc Bourgade, CEO of AFC. “The team we have built, combined with our low cost private placement process and our innovative financing products will help us secure even more market share. I expect our business to complete 2016 with well over $7 billion of transactions”.

Last month the Group launched Stellwagen Capital (StellCap) and the company expects to launch an initial capital raise of $1 billion in Q4 2016, which will provide secured aircraft financing to airlines and leasing companies.

“AFC’s ability to originate financing opportunities for our business will give us the ability to deploy our capital efficiently around the globe,” says Howard Millar, CEO of StellCap. “The StellCap and AFC teams are developing a pipeline of secured financing transactions with airlines and leasing companies for the launch of the Stellwagen Senior Loan Note investment opportunity in Q4, when we expect to raise $1 billion. Both airlines and leasing companies find the financing structure very attractive as it is a lower cost alternative to traditional operating leases”.