JULY 27TH, 2016

Eirtech Aviation Launches New Composites Training Programme

Eirtech Aviation today announced an expansion in its services with the launch of a series of training courses covering key areas of Advanced Composites Technologies.

The first in the series of courses ‘An Introduction to Composites in Aviation’ has been specifically designed for personnel working within the aviation industry who need to be familiar with composites materials and their terminology, but who don’t necessarily have a background in composites technology.

The introductory course will introduce attendees to the fundamentals of composites covering key areas of composites materials and the manufacturing and repair processes utilised without excessive technical jargon.

From Senior Management to Technical Service Engineers the two-day course will provide an insight into the uses of new composites materials, their manufacturing and application in both new and old aircraft types.

With an emphasis on damage detection and repair, the course will also discuss the challenges and difficulties facing the industry and cover key case studies of component repair.

As an introductory level course, attendees will be introduced to the foundations of composites in the aviation industry and provided with the knowledge and expertise necessary to accurately assess all composites requirements specific to their business.

The course will cover topics such as the growth and usage of composites materials in the aviation industry, including the application of composite materials on aircraft, resin systems, core material structures and ancillary materials.

These topics will be discussed in the context of their typical applications and both the manufacturing and repair processes utilised.

Having recently launched a dedicated Composites Department, the introduction of a composites training programme is the latest example of Eirtech Aviation’s commitment to addressing industry needs.

Paul Kennedy, Eirtech Aviation Composites Manger said “with a large number of new aircraft types utilising composites materials and an existing aging legacy fleet with extensive utilisation of composites components, we feel there is a need to develop the understanding in the industry of these materials and processes. Our aim is to equip companies with the knowledge that is needed to successfully utilise composites technologies in an industry that is constantly evolving”.

The first in the series of training courses is scheduled to commence in Dublin in September 2016 with dates and venue to be confirmed.

For further information on courses offered by Eirtech Aviation or to reserve a place on the introductory training course please contact eassales@eirtechaviation.ie