MAY 18TH, 2017

​Norwegian’s new transatlantic routes to include U.S Preclearance for passengers flying from Dublin and Shannon

Norwegian has announced that new low-cost transatlantic flights from Ireland to the US East Coast will include use of the U.S Preclearance facilities at Dublin and Shannon airports for passengers.

In July, Norwegian will begin a series of affordable transatlantic routes from Ireland to airports on the US east coast which offer good access into New York, Boston and New England but carry significantly lower landing charges, allowing Norwegian to offer some truly affordable fares. From Dublin and Shannon, Norwegian offers flights to Stewart International Airport in New York State, along with Providence Airport which offers a gateway into Boston and New England. Cork Airport will also see its first ever transatlantic flights with a service to Providence, Boston.

All bookings on Norwegian’s transatlantic flights from Dublin and Shannon will now include use of the U.S Preclearance facilities at each airport. Dublin and Shannon are among only a few airports worldwide to offer US preclearance, with Dublin Airport the only European capital to offer the facility. US preclearance allows passengers to undertake all US inspections prior to departure – this allows passengers landing in the US to be treated as domestic arrivals, allowing them to avoid immigration queues and pick up their bags and go. Further details on the Preclearance facilities and how they work are available on the Norwegian website here.

Norwegian has also confirmed details of a new direct shuttle service from Stewart International Airport into central New York City. The new service, operated by Coach USA, has been timed to meet Norwegian’s flight arrivals at Stewart Airport, allowing passengers to take a direct journey into central Manhattan for $20. Coaches include spacious reclining seats, WiFi and in-seat power. Passengers can book tickets in advance at

Norwegian’s Chief Commercial Officer Thomas Ramdahl said: “Our new transatlantic routes offer Irish passengers more choice, lower fares and now even greater convenience, with use of preclearance facilities at Dublin and Shannon, and a convenient shuttle bus service to take passengers into the heart of New York city. The countdown is now on for these exciting new routes and we look forward to welcoming many Irish passengers on-board our affordable flights to the US this summer.”

Norwegian’s new transatlantic routes will launch from Dublin, Shannon and Cork this summer with flights are now on sale from including:

Dublin – 12 transatlantic flights per week from 1st July:

Stewart Intl (New York) – daily flights
Providence (greater Boston) – 5x weekly flights (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun)

Shannon – four transatlantic flights per week from 2nd July:

Stewart Intl (New York) – 2x weekly flights (Wed, Sun).
Providence (greater Boston) – 2x weekly flights (Mon, Fri).
Cork – three transatlantic flights per week from 1st July:

Providence (greater Boston) – 3x weekly flights (Tues, Thurs, Sat)